Repair Services

Whether your printer stopped printing, you can't figure out Outlook and your smart phone, or your computer won't boot up at all...EZTechworks can help!

Even if you find yourself with the smallest question, many times we can assist you over the phone without your incurring any charges at all.

We also offer remote support, which consists of one of our technicians actually logging in and controlling your computer from our offices while you stay comfortably in your location. In order to provide a remote support session, the issue computer must be able to, at minimum, access the internet.

If your computer problems are more severe, we will need to schedule a time for a technician to come to you. Our technicians work all hours, and weekends to best accommodate your schedule. The best part? EZTechworks does not charge additional fees for service calls outside of normal business hours!

Below, we have broken down our areas of expertise into four groups: Hardware, Software, Peripherals Integration & Misc:

  • Hardware - Desktop Computer System, Laptop Computer System, PC & Mac welcome!
    Wireless/Wired Networking, Dual Monitor Setup, Hard Drive Replacement, Memory Upgrades, Replacement Laptop Screens, Replacement Heat Sinks or Cooling Fans, Data Recovery, Graphics Card Upgrade/Replacement, External Drives and Backup Solutions

  • Software - All Microsoft Operating Systems, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, Power Point,) Quicken/Quickbooks, Internet, Cloud Based Computing, Anti Virus/Anti Spy, and many, many other software programs that you use to keep everything running smoothly!

  • Peripherals Integration - Smart Phone Sync, Tablets, Digital Cameras & Bluetooth Devices. Not only can we get your personal electronic device to communicate with your computer, we'll show you the best ways to keep all of your contacts, emails & documents synced among all your devices!

  • Misc. - Sometimes you just want to know what's wrong with your Internet browser? What are add-ons? Why don't the pages seem to display correctly? How do I adjust views/toolbars in whatever software system I'm using? You probably wouldn't put in a call to one of the big box stores with a question like this.
    You can call EZTechworks with these issues!

    Our Promise

    At EZTechworks, we pride ourselves in the fact that we do not use fancy computer jargon to communicate to our clients. We try to explain everything simply, and use analogies that anyone can understand. That way, you can make an informed decision about how to proceed with a repair. You will know EXACTLY how much any service will cost before we start. There are no hidden fees, and our technicians are easy to reach by phone if you need progress updates, or additional information. We stand by our delivery dates, and if there are any delays, you will be notified as soon as we are aware.