Web Development

Even if you are not a designer, surely you recognize that not all websites are created equally. Layout, graphics, fonts and content are just the beginning...you actually have to drive traffic to your site before any of that even matters. Once you've been able to get a visitor, the next challenge is keeping that visitor long enough to drive your message(s) home.

In order to successfully drive traffic and retain visitors, many elements are combined to produce a great website. First and foremost, the content of a site has to be good. Good meaning:
1. Copy is relevant & clear, organically populated with keywords
2. Layout is easy to follow with eye-pleasing colors, easy to read fonts & powerful graphics
3. Meta data is accurate and focused on gaining the attention of your targeted demographic

In addition to good content, utilizing social media tools such as Facebook integration, blogging & YouTube Videos will help a site reach the top search rankings.

There are many companies out there claiming to get any site listed in the number one spot on Google. Some of them charge outrageous prices, while others charge what seem to be more reasonable amounts. The fact is, if you pay any company any money for a guaranteed top-spot on Google, or any other search engines, you have wasted your money.

Why? because NO company can guarantee such results. Search engine algorithms are ever-changing, and though it is possible to get a hot dog company at the top of pizza results, the methods most likely used are called "black hat" methods. When the Google engineers discover that has been used on a site, (and they will,) that site is then blacklisted from search results FOREVER. The only best practices in the area of SEO/SEM are the points listed above.

EZTechworks designers use only widely accepted practices for search engine optimization, and though your company or service might not end up in the number one spot, very often our clients enjoy first page results for specific searches.

To learn more about branding, positioning and how to get the best ROI from a website, please visit the "Marketing" portion of this site.