About EZTechworks Team

  • Iris Haftlang, Business Development Strategist

    Iris Haftlang - Owner, Chief Technician & Business Development Strategist

    With twenty years in food & beverage and hospitality management, Iris decided to change her career path in a major way. Having always loved working with computers as a hobby, her dream was to branch out and make money by helping others with their technology woes.

    The first step was to start doing small computer repairs and designing networking solutions. After that came server implementation and deployment. Once the market started softening for computer repair, the next step was web development and marketing.

    Having worked with several small restaurants, and a large hotel chain in both sales and operations, Iris' focus became the "Big Picture" for all companies. Understanding the need to save money when possible, and the importance of spending money where necessary, business development was naturally next step.

    Iris has worked worked with small business owners to develop their product concept and get their goods to mass markets with several successful product launches.

    Whether you need to setup your office, or your whole business, EZTechworks is the one-stop solution for all your needs!

  • Testimonials

    Iris, Thank you so much for working with my company to move our collaborative efforts to the cloud. Now we are able to work with more agents all over the country, while saving time and money. S. Ridley Dallas, TX

    Thank you for your continued remote and onsite support! You are a true professional and you really are the Computer Whisperer. G. Richards

    What would we do without EZTechworks? Thank you for being so patient and available. Your services are invaluable. M. Heidari

    EZTechworks outlined our whole product launch, and even helped us make our product better by changing the way we distribute. We're selling more books than we thought possible! I hope more companies will have the opportunity to work with such a great consultant. M. Carry

    I will never buy any equipment without talking to you first. You have saved us a tremendous amount of money over the years. Your service is extraordinary. C. Julian